Science Camps

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Summer Science Camps

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Summer at the Terre Haute Children's Museum is filled with explosive fun! Want to make art out of science? Throw things off the second floor? Mix ingredients and create explosions? Join us for a summer filled with exciting science education. 



  • The Terre Haute Children’s Museum Summer Science Camps are for children entering K-1st Grade and children entering 2nd-4th Grade. Each camp is designed with activities and games for the specific age groups.
  • Each camp is Monday through Friday from 8AM-12PM. Drop-off will be from 8A-8:30A and  pick-up happens promptly at 12:00PM. A late fee of $1 per minute will be applied for children picked up after 12:05PM.
  • Parents or caregivers must be present during drop-off and pick-up. You must sign your child in and out each day at the Field Trip Entrance in the rear of the building.
  • The camp experience is priceless, however, supplies and staff are needed to make each week a quality experience. Each week costs $100 (members) and $110 (non-members). Looking for a discount? Send us a copy of your child’s most recent (does not need to be final) report card. Children will receive $2 off total cost for every A, B, or O they earn (Up to 5 per child). Example: 2 A’s and 3 B’s equal $10 off total cost of camp(s).
  • Scholarships are available. They are limited and based on need. For more information or questions, please contact Abby at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
  • Summer Science Camp is an interactive and fun experience designed to give children a better understanding of different areas of science. Children will explore science through hands-on experiments and demonstrations. All of the activities are supervised by experienced staff and are created with fun and interactive education in mind.

There's a camp for every interest! Check out our list below and register today!       


The Best of the Best- FULL
Children entering K-1st Grade
Dates: June 15-19

Let’s face it, we have perfected making science fun. Want to see what the museum has to offer for science camps, but not quite sure which camp your little one will love the best? Start out with this one. We take all the best activities, experiments and games and combine them into one stellar week of camp. Elephant toothpaste, hissing cockroaches, and throwing eggs off the second floor is just the beginning.

Ingenious Engineers  FULL
Children entering 2nd-4th Grade
Dates: June 22-26

Is your child a pro with Lego’s, blocks, or even cardboard boxes? Are you constantly amazed at what he or she can build? Send them on over to us this week for a camp that’s filled with everything related to building. Learn how to budget money to build a bridge, race against the clock to build a tall tower and see if your building could withstand an earthquake! Use materials of all types to build structures worth bragging about.

Art Experimenters
Children entering K-1st Grade
Dates: June 29-July 3

Art and science go hand in hand, especially at this camp! Use science and chemistry to create works of art. Re-purpose materials to create something new and beautiful. Use bubbles, crystals and foam to be a science artist. This week will get messy with some color explosions and paint play!

Einstein Artists -FULL
Children entering 2nd-4th Grade
Date: July 6-10

Look at art from a completely different angle at this camp. We will take some classic science experiments and make masterpieces out of them. Learn about bubbles and oil while making art with them. Mix your own play dough to create a model of the solar system. This week is full of creativity and scientific thought!

Crazy Concoctions - FULL
Children entering K-1st Grade
Date: July 13-17

Science is everywhere, but what is the best part about science? Watching and doing it for yourself! Put on your safety goggles and see what happens when we mix different substances together. We will make things grow, explode, change color and turn to slime before your eyes.  This camp is for the young, curious scientist looking for explosive fun! 

Potions Masters - FULL
Children entering 2nd-4th Grade
Date: July 20-24

Dive into science exploration at this camp and perform experiments like a real expert. Learn how scientists act in real laboratories, and follow their lead; lab coats and all. Experience chemicals reacting in different ways, grow crystals, watch color explosions and use the Scientific Method to predict outcomes. You’ll leave camp as a science pro!

Summer Safari- FULL
Children entering K-4th Grade
Dates: July 27– 31

Take a journey around the world for our final week of camp. This week we will be splitting the children into two separate age groups while exploring all the world has to offer. Learn about animals around the world and the habitats they live in. Get up close and personal with the animals of the museum and even be part of the care process. 




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