AGCITING! Follow Your Food!

combineCabFor most consumers, the agricultural system is invisible. We buy our food and clothes with little knowledge or concern about where these items come from or how they were produced. In reality, the industry of agriculture touches almost every aspect of our lives. In this exhbiit, "Follow Your Food" as you learn about agriculture science and the importance of farming to everyday life.




Build It!

Join us on the third floor to use various materials to build houses, cars or building! Use K'Nex, Legos and blocks to build the day away!


Dig It!

DinoDigCrawl into our cave and use special brushes, chisels and tools to “excavate” impressive dinosaur skeletons. Learn about paleontology, anatomy, fossil identification, geology and other related areas!







Energy Generation Station

Our Generation Station teaches children about different forms of energy! Place different pieces on our wind station to see what type of wing will produce the most energy! Or jump on the pedal seat to see how much energy YOU can generate! Or learn about solar power with our light energy station!


Flight Deck

Learn about the parts of an airplane and pitch, roll and yaw. You can also test your engineering skills in our Paper Airplane Flight Lab area.


Health Zone

This area is a celebration of the way our bodies work. Children can learn about the workings of their own bodies through our Body Viewer and Body Heat exhibits!


Out of this World!

Information Coming Soon....


Ready Vet Go!

readyvetgoPut on a pint-sized vet coat and stethoscope, grab a clipboard, and take on the role of veterinarian, groomer, trainer, or pet “parent.” With real animal x-rays, an exam table and all the necessary tools, you can nurture the neighborhood pets back to health.








Sea Shell Discovery

Learn all about different seashells at this exhibit! Take an up close look at big and small shells! Learn fun facts and even play a seashell game!


Toddler Zone

Come and enjoy this play and learning space for our youngest visitors. The Toddler Zone has a safe and fun carpeted climbing structure, padded floors and a variety of age-appropriate books and toys.


Tree House

Our tree house is a multi-level exploratory environment supporting numerous natural science and physical exploration activities.
  • Climb through the trunk maze and discover hidden animal habitats as you make your way to the tree house
  • Once you're inside the tree house, use our pollen shooters to hit the flower targets, and look through secret telescopes to discover cool science facts
  • You can ride an amazing slide back to the first floor or use the walkway to explore 2nd Floor

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Water Works

WaterTableWater Works features a range of water experiences. 

  • The water table area features a series of dynamic water experiences which flow in a continuous “river circuit.” Activities include pipes and fountain building, river and dam stations, cause and effect water physics, and a toddler splash area.
  • In our Bubble Ring, which is a larger than life bubble maker, visitors get to feel what it is like to be completely enclosed in a giant bubble.



WTHCM Studio

Lo-Res_G-11_weatherstationAt the WTHCM Studios, visitors play the roll of a news anchor or of a meteorologist and see themselves on TV! Broadcast "live" from a tornado, blizzard or flood, or share the day's soggy morning weather report!









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